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About Me

That's me, Nancy.

I'm curious. I love to learn and I'm willing to be wrong. On my own time I'm a procrastinating writer, a dabbling artist, and relatively recent recipient of Life's ubiquitious reminder: "Hey there, you there, your deadline approaches." As you can see, "The Reminder" begins with a few stray silvery strands. They are accompanied by the occasional stubborn and slightly discouraging wrinkle. Stick with it though folks, I've heard that given time and attention it all morphs into sass and serious creative freedom.

And why shouldn't it? Nobody's looking, nobody cares. Not anymore. What does this mean? That is the question I am exploring here at In-Visible. I hope you'll join me.

Birds of a Feather

Introducing my beautiful and talented writer's group. We've been going strong since 2010.

Pia Newman

Think you're organized? Pia's to-do list is a force of nature and her writing will curl you right up on your sofa.

Jadi Campbell

Life is a story, waiting to be told - and Jadi is telling it like it is, one book after the next.

Sarah Dressel

Sarah's "moving poetry" is captivating and unique. If you can, catch a performance!

Lindsey Keith Cole

Novelist, Traveler, Student of the World. Where are you now...?

Kirsten Carlson

Talented artist, Illustrator, Writer, Beloved Co-founderin