The Brick Wall of Blogging

The Brick Wall of Blogging

Photo by FancyCrave

Languishing Domains

How long have you waited
patient garden overgrown in silence
nourished by neglect and benevolence
you remain
until a golden Spring morning warms
the sun rises the sap
and questionable poetry fills the pens of
otherwise bricked writers.

Welcome Back!

Oh. Wow. How many lives does a domain have? I asked that question the last time I relaunched a few years ago. I posted a little bit and wandered off to “go do something, even if it’s wrong”. By my last count, this domain is on it’s third life.

This is getting embarrassing.

But, well, there you have it; live and learn and try, try again. This time it’s Memorial Day weekend and I have finished my latest design reboot and modern software port. To solve a problem of my own, I have added a goodly number of writer’s prompts to be doled out once a day. I don’t know if they are the best writers prompts anywhere on the whole internet, but I wrote them and I intend to write to them. I invite you to do the same if they tickle your fancy.

Thanks for stopping by.